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Awful drug so dizzy all the time cant walk or shower. Has made my anxiety and panic attacks worse. Agoraphobia is coming back now . Sick gut all the time. Put on it in er for afib. Wish to god id never been put on this evil drug. Xanax no longer work on these either. Beware.

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I have been taking it for several years and has worked pretty well to keep blood pressure down to below 140/70. Just recently my blood pressure has gone up to average 150/80 so will also be taking a diuretic, Hydrochlorothiazide.

The Nova Scotia Seniors' Pharmacare program is a provincial drug insurance coverage plan that helps members with the cost of their prescribed drugs. One opioid treatment (fentanyl, Duragesic®) is administered by a patch utilized to the pores and skin, but this medication is just not routinely used to handle arthritis pain. But again, you should be a dues-paying member of Costco to hitch.
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